Below are seventeen questions which aim to gather information from
list members about their views on the current format of the
Cambridge-Conference Network. Furthermore, it is hoped that some
practical ideas and suggestions for change will emerge from this
survey which will help to improve the quality and sharpness of the

This questionnaire should not take more than 5-10 minutes of your
time. Your response would be greatly appreciated. The results of
this survey will be reported back to the CCNet together with your
general comments as soon as possible.

In order to fill in the questionnaire, please press the forward
icon on your screen, tick the appropriate boxes, and then send
the questionnaire to my e-mail address at

Thank you for completing this questionnaire.

Benny J Peiser

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1) Do you wish to continue your subscription

[  ] yes
[  ] no, please unsubcribe me from the CCNet

2) Do you wish to receive all CCNet messages

[  ] yes
[  ] no, I don’t wish to receive the “Letters to the Moderator”

3) How long have you been subscribed to the CCNet?

[  ]  1-3 months
[  ]  4-12 months
[  ]  1-2 years

4) I read the CCNet messages

[  ] every day
[  ] from time to time
[  ] rarely
[  ] never

5) Please rate the following CCNet features in terms of how
   relevant they are to you
   (1= unimportant, 2 = quite interesting, 3 = very important)

[  ] CCNet DEBATE ……

6) How often would you like to receive CCNet messages?

[  ] whenever they are posted
[  ] every other day
[  ] once per week

7) Which are your main research areas/interests?
   (tick all appropriate boxes)

[  ]  NEO research, etc.
[  ]  GEOLOGY, impact craters, etc
[  ]  BIOLOGY, evolution, origins of life, etc.
[  ]  PALEONTOLOGY, mass extinctions, etc.
[  ]  ARCHAEOLOGY, CLIMATOLOGY, societal evolution, etc.
[  ]  SPACE SCIENCE, space exploration, etc.
[  ]  OTHERS:….

8) With view of your scientific interests, how would you
   categorise the CCNet?
   (tick all appropriate boxes)

[  ] very informative 
[  ] too much popular, too little hard science
[  ] very useful for my research
[  ] not really useful for my research
[  ] I find the ‘abstracts service’ very helpful
[  ] quite interesting for its news and information
[  ] I don’t like the news items from the mass media
[  ] should be strictly limited to NEO research
[  ] too much chit-chat 
[  ] there could be more scientific debate
[  ] Less posting of controversies.
[  ] other comments…..

9) Are there any CCNet features which you find particularly useful
   and beneficial?

  Features I find particularly useful and beneficial:

10) Are there any CCNet features which you find particularly
    inappropriate or unimportant?
Features I find particularly inappropriate or unimportant:

11) How long does it take you to read the CCNet messages on

[  ]  3 minutes
[  ]  5 minutes
[  ] 10 minutes

12) Would you like to see any changes to the CCNet format? 
    (tick all appropriate boxes)

[  ] no, I like it just as it is
[  ] yes, information should be limited to NEO research
[  ] yes, information should be limited to the published list of
     CCNet topics
[  ] yes, I am only interested in scientific abstracts and new
[  ] yes, I am not interested in the views of individual list
[  ] yes, it should include broad information about all aspects of
     neo-catastrophist research and space exploration
[  ] yes, I do not wish to receive the LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
[  ] yes, in addition to the DIGEST and the LETTERS, new features could
     be added to the CCNet service such as:

13) Have you got any practical suggestions which you feel might
    help improving the quality and structure of the CCNet?

14) Would you be interested in reading in-depth interviews with scholars and researchers on the CCNet?

[  ] no
[  ] yes

15) Do you sometimes use the CCNet internet archive at ……?

[  ] frequently
[  ] sometimes
[  ] seldom
[  ] never

16) Do you find the CCNet archive helpful for your research?

17) What is your general view about this network? (Personal
    comments are very welcome and will be posted together with the
    results of this survey)



CCCMENU CCC for 1999