Date sent: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 08:49:56 -0700
From: David Morrison <>
Subject: Gentlemanly conduct etc.

Members of the Cambridge net:

Speaking for myself, I believe the issue raised by the recent
Barbiero/Heinrich/Ellenberger messages goes beyond the question of
gentlemanly conduct. Even if the phrasing were more polite, I personally
am not interested in this sort of diatribe. I find these messages to be at
odds with the kind of well-informed technical dialogue and sense of
professionalism normally associated with the material on this network, and
with the NEO and impact-catastrophism discussions generally. This is a
plea to return to the previous standards of professionalism, or else I will
simply opt out of these discussions.

David Morrison
Director of Space
NASA Ames Research Center

CCCMENU CCC for 1997