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Subject: Second Asteroid Belt Between Uranus & Neptune?
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The American Institute of Physics Bulletin of Physics News
Number 327 June 25, 1997 by Phillip F. Schewe and Ben Stein


A SECOND ASTEROID BELT, possibly as big as the one between Mars and
Jupiter, might exist between the orbits of Uranus and Neptune. Matthew
Holman's (University of Toronto) computer simulation places collections
of test particles in various graviational niches throughout the solar
system and then tracks the particles over billions of years. Many of
these pretend asteroids are captured by planets or ejected from the
solar system. Holman finds that the region between 24 and 27
astronomical units undergoes major asteroid attrition but could harbor
a large enough population of survivors to make an observational search
worthwhile. (Nature, 19 June 1997.)


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Your efforts to suppress Leroy Ellenberger are way out of line. Mr.
Ellenberger has been one of the more balanced and informative participants
in the list. I haven't found his language offensive, nor--until you
provoked it by unreasonable behavior--has he made any "attacks" on you. I
would of course prefer that we all refrain from terms like "bullshit," but
there are times when that word does capture the essence of what is going
on. You MUST make it clear to everyone precisely what you define as
unacceptable language. Until you've done that, your actions can only be
seen as arbitrary and contrary to the requirement for a free exchange of

Chris Bassford
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> Benny,
> Pray, sir, just what have I written that constitues
> "vulgar attacks against [you]"? One of the problems
> in this situation is your consistent failure to support
> your general accusations with specific examples of my
> alleged uncivil behavior. Show me where I have failed to
> accept your "no-offense" policy? I agreed to subject my
> writing to your censorship, as you proposed. It seems
> to me that there is a double standard here. I am amazed
> and dismayed that my civil behavior in two posts after
> your issued your warning did not impress you with my
> good intentions. It seems to me, and I may be wrong,
> that you do not possess the intellectual integrity to
> administer a list with equanimity and consistency. You
> were wrong to post Gunnar's bogus, bullshit questions
> and you delude yourself if mainstream readers of the
> cc-list have not detected the sometimes thinly-veiled
> pro-Velikovskian bias in some of the posted messages
> and been turned off thereby.
> Would you please be so kind as to return to me all
> the materials I sent you at your request last fall pertaining
> to my AEON memoir that was cancelled, since it is obvious
> to me that under the present circumstances you have no
> need of them for the article you were contemplating for some
> SIS organ? Thank you in advance for your compliance with
> this request.
> Cheers,
> Leroy
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> > Dear Leroy
> >
> > Since you still fail to accept my "no-offense" policy, I regret to
> > inform you that you will not be reinstate onto the CC-list. Your
> > inflammatory language in general and your vulgar attacks against
> > are evidence enough to insure that you will no longer have the
> > opportunity to circulate your venom on the CC-list.
> >
> > Benny J Peiser
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Subject: Hubble's Look at Mars Shows Dust Storm, Cloudy Conditions for
Pathfinder Landing
Priority: NORMAL

From: Ron Baalke <>

Don Savage
Headquarters, Washington, DC July 1, 1997
(Phone: 202/358-1547)

Tammy Jones
Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD
(Phone: 301/286-5566)

Ray Villard
Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, MD
(Phone: 410/338-4514)

RELEASE: 97-148


Hubble Space Telescope pictures of Mars, taken on June 27 in
preparation for the July 4 landing of the Pathfinder spacecraft, show a
dust storm churning through the deep canyons of Valles Marineris, just
600 miles (1000 km) south of the Pathfinder spacecraft landing site.

"Unless the dust storm were to evolve into a massive, global
event, its effects on the Pathfinder mission should be minimal," says
Steve Lee of the University of Colorado in Boulder. "This is something
we did not expect to see."

The Hubble astronomers also report the presence of patchy cirrus
clouds over the landing site and very thick clouds to the north. Since
there are so many clouds (related to low temperatures in the atmosphere
causing water vapor to freeze), the dust will probably stay confined to
the canyons, they conclude.

If dust rises to the elevations where the water-ice clouds form,
ice condenses on dust grains and the heavier ice/dust particles quickly
fall back out of the atmosphere. Though the dust could extend at low
altitudes over the landing site, researchers say current prevailing
winds should take the dust northward.

"If dust diffuses to the landing site, the sky could turn out to
be pink like that seen by Viking," says Philip James of the University
of Toledo. "Otherwise, Pathfinder will likely show blue sky with
bright clouds."

The imaging team includes Steve Lee of the University of Colorado
at Boulder's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics; Todd Clancy
of Boulder's Space Science Institute; Phillip James of the University
of Toledo; Mike Wolff of the Space Science Institute; and Jim Bell of
Cornell University.


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