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Subject:          Re: A SECOND 'TUNGUSKA' EVENT?

I recently did some literature searching of journals from the time whilst
researching suggestions that the event caused a display of nacreous clouds.
I don't recall seeing any suggestion of further events in the journals I
looked at.  The UK Met Office should have barograms of the time in their

Jon Shanklin
British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, England

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Subject:          1908
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Dear Joel,

I saw the note about the possible later event (July 1908) that you sent
Benny Peiser (I note that you wrote 'prior' Tunguska, whereas in fact it
would have been post-Tunguska, if it happened at all; & we know nothing much
about the date unless one makes some assumptions about the correspondence
with the publication date).

This is just to mention something obvious to you: for any 'dates'
coming out of Russia, beware of the fact that at that time that country was
still on the Julian calendar (at that time, 13 days behind the Gregorian
calendar). Thus the 'October Revolution' actually occurred in early November
(Gregorian). This should be pretty obvious in that the original accounts
from Russia/Siberia of Tunguska use a date earlier than June 30.



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