A portion of The Walam Olum:

From The Lenape and their Legends by Daniel G. Brinton (1884)


wala1.jpg 1. Wulamo maskanako anup lennowak makowini essopak.
Long ago there was a mighty snake and beings evil to men. 

wala2.jpg 2. Maskanako shingalusit nijini essopak shawelendamep eken shingalan.
This mighty snake hated those who were there (and) greatly disquieted those whom he hated. 

wala3.jpg 3. Nishawi palliton, nishawi machiton, nishawi matta lungundowin.
They both did harm, they both injured each other, both were not in peace. 

wala4.jpg 4. Mattapewi wiki nihanlowit mekwazoan.
Driven from their homes they fought with this murderer. 

wala5.jpg 5. Maskanako gishi penauwelendamep lennowak owini palliton.
The mighty snake firmly resolved to harm the men. 

wala6.jpg 6. Nakowa petonep, amangam petonep, akopehella petonep.
He brought three persons, he brought a monster, he brought a rushing water. 

wala7.jpg 7. Pehella pehella, pohoka pohoka, eshohok eshohok, palliton palliton.
Between the hills the water rushed and rushed, dashing through and through, destroying much. 

wala8.jpg 8. Tulapit menapit Nanaboush maskaboush owinimokom linnwimokom
Nanabush, the Strong White One, grandfather of beings, grandfather of men, was on the Turtle Island. 

wala9.jpg 9. Gishikin-pommixin tulagis- hatten-lohxin.
There he was walking and creating, as he passed by and created the turtle. 

wala10.jpg 10. Owini linowi wemoltin, Pehella gahani pommixin, Nahiwi tatalli tulapin.
Beings and men all go forth, they walk in the floods and shallow waters, down stream thither to the Turtle Island. 

wala11.jpg 11. Amanganek makdopannek alendyuwek metzipannek.
There were many monster fishes, which ate some of them. 

wala12.jpg 12. Manito-dasin mokol-wichemap, Palpal payat payat wemichemap.
The Manito daughter, coming, helped with her canoe, helped all, as they came and came. 

wala13.jpg 13. Nanaboush Nanaboush wemimokom, Winimokom linnimokom tulamokom.
[And also] Nanabush, Nanabush, the grandfather of all, the grandfather of beings, the grandfather of men, the grandfather of the turtle. 

wala14.jpg 14. Linapi-ma tulapi-ma tulape- wi tapitawi.
The men then were together on the turtle, like to turtles. 

wala15.jpg 15. Wishanem tulpewi pataman tulpewi poniton wuliton.
Frightened on the turtle, they prayed on the turtle that what was spoiled should be restored. 

wala16.jpg 16. Kshipehelen penkwihilen, Kwamipokho sitwalikho, Maskan wagan palliwi palliwi.
The water ran off, the earth dried, the lakes were at rest all was silent, and the mighty snake departed.


wala17.jpg 1. Pehella wtenk lennapewi tulapewini psakwiken woliwikgun wittank talli.
After the rushing waters (had subsided) the Lenape of the turtle were close together, in hollow houses, living together there. 

wala18.jpg 2. Topan-akpinep, wineu-akpi- nep,kshakan-akpinep, thupin akpinep.
It freezes where they abode, it snows where they abode it storms where they abode, it is cold where they abode. 

wala19.jpg 3. Lowankwamink wulaton wtakan tihill kelik meshautang sili ewak.
At this northern place they speak favorably of mild, cool (lands), With many deer and buffaloes. 

wala20.jpg 4. Chintanes-sin powalessin peyachik wikhichik pokwihil.
As they journeyed, some being strong, some rich, they separated into house-builders and hunters; 

wala21.jpg 5. Eluwi-chitanesit eluwi takauwesit, elowi chiksit, elowichik delsinewo.
The strongest, the most united, the purest, were the hunters. 

wala22.jpg 6. Lowaniwi, wapaniwi, shawaniwi, wunlceniwi, elowichik apakachik.
The hunters showed themselves at the north, at the east, at the south, at the west. 

wala23.jpg 7. Lumowaki, lowanaki tulpenaki elowaki tulapiwi linapiwi.
In that ancient country, in that northern country, in that turtle country, the best of the Lenape were the Turtle men. 

wala24.jpg 8. Wemiako yagawan tendki lakkawelendam nakopowa wemi owenluen atam.
All the cabin fires of that land were disquieted, and all said to their priest, " Let us go. 

wala25.jpg 9. Akhokink wapaneu wemoltin palliaal kitelendam aptelendam.
To the Snake land to the east they went forth, going away, earnestly grieving. 

wala26.jpg 10. Pechimuin shakowen' nungihillan lusasaki pikihil pokwihil akomenaki.
Split asunder, weak, trembling, their land burned, they went, torn and broken, to the Snake Island. 

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